Simple Baby

Babywearing made Simple, plus so much more!

Why a Simple Sling?


                                       Matthew and I @Cornfest 2011 sporting my first sling


The Simple Sling makes Babywearing easy.

      As a new mom i understand the want to hold and comfort your baby as much as you can, sometimes all that holding can wear on your body making your already tired self even more so. With all the new information about Attachment Parenting, slings give you a perfect way to keep you baby near to you as you go about your daily business.

     Whether walking around the mall or taking your baby for a stroll around the park or your neighborhood, these compact easy to use slings make it Simple. Lugging around a cumbersome stroller, setting it up, worrying about the terrain (i wonder if stroller makers take gravel into account?) can be tiresome. The simple sling takes up as much space in your diaper bag as a receiving blanket. You can have it on in a snap, just fold, put it on and settle your little one in. 

     Our Simple Sling can also make it easy and convenient to breastfeed in public, doubling as a nursing cover for those feedings out and about. Whether you practice Attached Parenting or are just looking for a handy simple carrier. the Simple Sling CAN work for you. 

What is Attatchment Parenting?

Attachment Parenting International can explain so much better than i can, there are many online resources to help you on your parenting journey.

     Like everything with parenting, how you parent is your choice, you don't need to practice Attachment Parenting to use a Simple Sling but it can be a useful tool no matter what your style of parenting is.  


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